Yury Rysukhin
Personal exhibition in Russian Museum

27th of March, 2013 – 9th of June, 2013
The exposition contains about 70 works. Mainly paintings of 1980-2010 are presented on the exhibition: multi-figure subject compositions, portraits, images of Ural nature.

The oeuvre of Yury Rysukhin, who belongs to generation of "semidesyatnik" (public and literary figure in Russia active in the 1970s), is marked by wonderful wholeness and spirituality, deeply personal comprehension of cultural tradition. His works are inherent in identity of artistic interpretation of motives and images ("graces", "bathers", "four seasons", outdoor festivities, scene of village life), their history spans more than one century.

Exhibition in Krasnodar Art museum named after Kovalenko
August, 2015
Art admirers saw fifty works in the ancient technique gesso. It is tempera image on wooden board, which is covered with special couch. Yury Rysukhin was collected works for the exhibition almost 20 years. Artist's native and beloved places are on canvases. Rysukhin gave a lot of attention to Venice culture, but original Russian village is in the first place. "I love Russian village and I go there a lot. I love Russian North, I sketch and then I make paintings on the basis of these materials. I'm always attracted to the North, there I find people, characters, themes, some impressions" – said Yury Rysukhin, honored artist of Russian Federation.
Personal exhibition in exhibition hall of Orenburg regional museum of Fine Art
March, 2017
Ceremonial opening of personal art exhibition marking 70th anniversary of the birth of Yury Rysukhin.

Yury Alekseevich Rysukhin was born on 5th of March 1947 in the village Uyuk (Kazakhstan). He always dreamed of being an artist from childhood and he acted to study in Krasnodar Art College. After graduation he went in Orenburg in 1974, where his artistic becoming began.

The name Rysukhin is very important for artistic life of the Orenburg region. Thanks to his initiative the activity of exhibition hall was restored in the city, and he is a permanent director of this exhibition hall during eighteen years. Today it is one of the main cultural centers of Orenburg.

As an artist Yury Rysukhin is truly one of the most conspicuous phenomenon in modern art. His works were repeatedly exhibited at exhibitions on all scales, from the local to the international.

In 2000 Yury Rysukhin was appropriated a honorary title of the Deserved artist of the Russian Federation. In 2012 he was awarded a gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. His personal exhibition in Saint Petersburg Russian Museum was successfully held in 2013. The works of the artist are in collections of State Tretyakov Gallery, Saint Petersburg Russian Museum, art museums and galleries of Krasnodar, Novokuznetsk, Perm, Kazan and in many other cities.

Every year for twenty two years in exhibition hall Yury Rysukhin organizes the exhibition "100 paintings of Orenburg artists", which became the main unofficial exhibition project of the region.

Yury gives a great amount of energy for preservation and development of Orenburg Artists Union. He has been elected repeatedly the president of Orenburg Artists Union, he was delegate on Vth and VIth Congresses of National Artists Union, in 1987 was elected a board member of Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Artists Union.

A new variant of series of large format works "Seasons" and tondo works "Seasons", format of a painting "in the circle", will be presented at anniversary exhibition. Sketching seasonal agricultural activity transforms at universal scheme of things due to artist's talent.

The theme of womanhood and motherhood occupies a special place in Rysukhin's oeuvre, when characters' paintings become model of warmth and quiet for us. Spectators can also see series of portraits of contemporaries, works following up on visits to the Russian North, Issyk-Kul, total more than forty works over the past 15 years.

Exhibition in "Art Gallery on Pushkinskaya street"
April 2017
Yury Rysukhin is a master of "big painting", creator of a number of works, which are made in traditional painting technique on gesso couch.

Paintings of different years and series of works on his visit to Venice, series of paintings "Circus" and the latest works based on the tale "Scarlet sails" after Alexander Grin and based on the film of the same name will be presented in "Art Gallery on Pushkinskaya street". His works can be found in State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, Orenburg regional museum of Fine Art, in museums of Novokuznetsk, Perm, Kazan, Kurgan, Krasnodar and others.
Personal exhibition in Central House of Artists
September 2017
Exhibition "Sonorous gesso" of Orenburg painter, Yury Rysukhin, honored artist of Russia, opened in Central House of Artists in Krymsky Val in Moscow. The exposition occupies several large halls, it shows more than 200 artist's paintings in technique gesso.

The first vice-president of Russian Academy of Arts Viktor Kalinin notes, that Yury Rysukhin is one of the few artist of our time, who uses in his oeuvre in the ancient technique gesso, giving it, furthermore, thematic relevance.
"Traditionally he paints on gesso for many years", - says Viktor Kalinin. "On the one hand, such technique limits a particular way. Seeing his paintings, you understand that inside of this technique there are a lot of possibilities. And he shows masterly these possibilities.

Yury Rysukhin presents his works in Central House of Artists for the first time, however certain paintings from "Seasons" were presented at group exhibition in 2004.

- Then there was an unique exhibition of Orenburg painters. It was a significant exhibition of our region, - shares the artist. And since then I would like to present my paintings in this hall. I am very happy that it happened.

The exhibition of Yury Rysukhin in Central House of Artists helds in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the master. It was possible due to support of the Orenburg region governor Yuriy Berg and an art patron Mikhail Konnov.

Yury Rysukhin | meeting with the audience
Exhibition Rysukhin in Orenburg | 2012
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